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The Basics
of Blitzionaire

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Blitzionaire is a market prediction game on the bitcoin real-time price. Will it go UP or will it drop DOWN? With the Blitz cash you earn in each game session, you can buy your access to different cities around the world, obtain luxurious items in the Luxury Store and buy amazing Blitz dog NFTs, 100% owned by you!

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How to play?

The first step is to choose your rival, who will you compete against in the 60-second session? A hometown buddy, your neighbor, your ex, or dare you take your boss’s blitz cash? The second step is the 60 seconds live game, on the bitcoin price UP or DOWN? Click on the red or green arrows as many times as possible to knock em’ out! Knock-Out other bankers by winning their money and winning knockout crowns.

Buy new destinations with the Blitz cash earned, Shop at the luxury store, or use your Blitz Cash to buy real BlitzDog NFTs that are 100% owned by you!


Become the next Blitzionaire!


Blitzionaire Bankers explained

All players on the game are called Blitzionaire BANKERS. Just like in real life, when you own a bank, it can win or lose money 24/7. Make sure you approve notifications from Blitzionaire, we will notify you when another Blitzionaire banker is attacking your bank!

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60 seconds prediction game - Up or Down.

SPIN UP, if you predict the bitcoin price will go UP in the next 7 seconds SPIN DOWN, if you predict the bitcoin price will go DOWN in the next 7 seconds



Buy real Blitzionaire NFTs With the Blitz cash you earn. All NFTs are 100% owned by you! NFTs are available on the OpenSea marketplace. How to buy Blitzionaire NFTs? Option 1: You have a wallet - Buy the NFTs directly on the app and send them to your personal wallet with a click of a button. Option 2: You don’t have a wallet – click here for one more easy step (link to the open sea how to video)


Money spin challenge explained

Get rewarded for your winnings! Each trade you win gets you closer to complete the money spins challenge. All you need to do is win as many times as possible, when you see the bar green it means you are on the right trek for the win!

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Take Over the world’s best Cities

The more Blitz cash you earn on your games, the greater Cities become available for take over.

Earn prestigious crowns.

Follow your game progression with the crown collection.

The more players you knock out, the more crowns you earn.

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The Luxury Store.

Buy your dreams with the Blitz cash you earn! Spend your winnings on luxury items, to know what it feels like to be a true, real-life Blitzionaire. From golden sneakers to private jets. Haute couture items and marvelous Yachts! The luxury store has it all!

Daily Blitz

The Daily Blitz is the game's jackpot! All bankers are automatically enrolled for the chance of winning the grand daily Blitz prize! 


1st place – Wins 15% of the daily Jackpot


2nd place - Wins 5% of the daily Jackpot


3rd place - Wins 5% of the daily Jackpot


4th and 5th places – Win 3% of the daily Jackpot


6th – 48th places - Win 1% of the daily Jackpot


49th and below places - Win 0.5% of the daily Jackpot

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Share & Earn

Become a Blitzionaire partner and spread the word! On each signup completed from your referral link, you will win 100 Money Spins! Referral links are created automatically for all blitzionaire bankers, click on the share and earn button to start earning free money spins! (Add deep link to the share and earn screen)

Top 10

The Top 10 table ranks all the Blitzionaire bankers based on their profits and losses. The top 10 winners are players that have achieved more Blitz cash than they have lost, in a specific time frame. The top 10 winners and losers are ranked every 24 hours.

The Vault

The Daily Challenge sums up the number of trades you completed in 24 hours. Blitzionaire bankers are rewarded when they achieve their daily trading goals.

The Spinner

Spin the wheel for the chance of winning extra money spins, powerups, and all in trades. To win a free spin you need to play 4 times on the spin UP, and 4 times on the spin DOWN buttons. The spinner will open automatically.


The Power-ups

Increase your chances of winning by playing with the power buttons. Power All In to go all-in on your game.


t’s the fastest way to double your Blitz cash balance and knock out your rival Blitzionaire banker. With risking only 50% of your investment.


Go with the Power SELL button on a winning trade before the expiry and take 100% of the profit.

The Sell button is only available if you are "in the money" (in winning status).

Power SAVE button to turn a losing trade into a winner. The Sell button is only available if you are "in the money" (in winning status).

Show off your Blitzionaire Collection

Everything you buy, take over and earn on the game is added automatically to your blitzionaire collection. Show us your collection and well know how rich of a blitzionaire banker you truly are!

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The Blitzionaire Store

Want more? Need to show off? Ran out of spins? Buy your way to the top at the Blitzionaire Store. Don’t forget to check out the bundles, they're worth a lot more.

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