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  • Do I need trading experience to play the game?
    Anyone can play Blitzionaire! You will very quickly get the hang of trends for price predictions (UP or DOWN).
  • Is Blitzionaire a game for real money?
    No. Blitzionaire is played with virtual money, called BlitzCoins. The game does not offer real money trading or real money winnings. There are, however, in-app purchases that you can make with real money, for powerups that can improve your chance of success. Visit our store and see the items.
  • Does playing Blitzionaire prepare you for trading with real money?
    Playing Blitzionaire does not imply future success at real money trading of any kind. It can, however, give you a feel of the market and price trends, since rates are based on real market prices.
  • Can I withdraw money from my account / Can I cash out?
    No, Blitzionaire is a fun casual game. BlitzCoins are virtual coins used solely for playing Blitzionaire. You are not able to withdraw the coins from the app.
  • How do I get a Blitzionaire Diamond One-of-a-kind NFT?
    Diamonds are the only way to obtain Diamond NFTs. Earn Diamonds, save them, to get your Diamond NFT.
  • What is a “Banker”?
    A banker is a definition for every player. When you play against another player you are playing against a banker.
  • Can a banker stop being attacked?
    No, as long as they have BlitzCoins available in their account.
  • Bankers Wall - For you
    The list of players in your level.
  • Bankers Wall - Rivals
    The list of other players that you played against or they played against you in the past.
  • Bankers Wall - Blitz Banks
    The list of Central Banks from around the world.
  • Bankers Wall - Online
    The list of online players.
  • What does “Spin UP” and “Spin DOWN” mean?
    Choosing UP means that you think the value of Bitcoin will be higher within the next 8 seconds. Choosing DOWN means that you think the value of Bitcoin will be lower within the next 8 seconds.
  • What is the Investment amount?
    The amount of BlitzCoins you risk in your trade.
  • What are Multipliers?
    Multipliers are the option to multiply your default investment by up to X50 times. The multiplier affects your Money Spins. Choose a low multiplier if you want it easy, or a higher one if you love extreme.
  • What are Diamonds?
    Diamonds are used as a new currency to obtain new generation one-of-a-kind NFTs. Diamonds are earned by progressing through the City Club Roadmap, playing minigames, achieving Crowns, or purchasing them in the store. Diamonds are safe from other players' attacks and cannot be stolen!
  • What are Money Spins?
    Money Spins are actual spins (turns) you use to earn more BlitzCoins.
  • What is the Knock Out Bar?
    The Knock Out bar is a leveling-up challenge. To advance to higher Crown levels, fill out the Knock Out bar. You have only 90 seconds to knock out each banker you play with.
  • What does the “SELL” button do?
    The Sell button allows you to take 100% profit on an ongoing trade if you are "in the money". The Sell button is only available if you are "in the money" (in winning status).
  • What does the “SAVE” button do?
    The save button allows you to cancel your trade before it expires, and get your invested BlitzCoins back.
  • What does the “All-In” button do?
    The All In Button allows you to maximize your BlitzCoins trade amount. Clicking All-In opens a trade with all your or your opponents' balance (the smallest of them). If you lose, you will get 50% cash back
  • What is the Shield?
    The shield protects you from Bankers' raids and guarantees a portion of your BlitzCoins when you are under attack. The Shield protection depends on your city club's progress with limited BlitzCoins insurance. any progress on City club will make your shield much more valuable. (Your insured BlitzCoins will be held in the Shield after an attack). Special protection packages are available at the store. The Shield shows the last 25 players who attacked you.
  • What is the Cash Booster ?
    With the Cash Booster Minigame, you can boost your balance up to X18 if you choose the right 3 BlitzDog cards. If you choose an X card, you lose all the rewards.
  • What is BlitzUp?
    BlitzUp is similar to the popular arcade game Claw Crane. BlitzUp rewards you with: BlitzCoins, Powerups, Money Spins, or Diamonds. You will be eligible for one trial depending on the Money Spins used. Mega BlitzUp (bigger rewards) can be purchased at any time.
  • What is the Power Spinner?
    Power Spin rewards you with game Powerups or Diamonds. complete the number of Up & Down Trades shown in order to receive the spinner! Mega Power Spin (bigger rewards) can be purchased at any time.
  • What is the Scratch Card?
    Scratch Card rewards Money Spins and BlitzCoins or Diamonds depending on the Money Spins used. Mega Scratch (bigger rewards) can be purchased at any time.
  • What is the Money Spin Challenge?
    The Money Spin Challenge rewards you when you achieve X wins out of Y presented on the Challenge Bar. When you see a green square it means you are on the right way!
  • What are Crowns?
    A Crown is a reward for Knocking out other players. Each crown rewards you with Money Spins & Diamonds.
  • How do I get Crowns?
    Crowns are gained by knocking out other bankers, with each stage presenting a new challenge with a variable knockout number to achieve.
  • What is City Club?
    City Club is your roadmap, In order to progress between cities, you must accumulate Digital Assets or NFT. With each completion of a city club, you will be rewarded with Money Spins, Blitz Coins, and Diamonds!
  • Is there a daily reward for returning players?
    Yes! Daily rewards are sent to all players every day. Be sure to collect the popups as you get them..... rewards expire after 12 hours!
  • What is the Daily Interest?
    For every Digital Asset, you won or bought, You'll get 1% Interest in its BlitzCoins value every day! - The Daily Interest is limited to 10 Million BlitzCoins.
  • What is the Top 100 Net Worth?
    Top 100 Net Worth presents a list of the players with the highest Net Worth (all of their assets value).
  • How Does The Daily Blitz work?
    The Daily Blitz is the game's jackpot! The top 100 players with the highest volume of turnover will be rewarded with daily rewards. The winners will be announced every day at 00:00 PM GMT. (Players must complete the daily challenge to enter the Daily Blitz)
  • How Does The Daily Trades Contest work?
    Top 100 players with the most trades will be rewarded with a big amount of Diamonds.
  • How Does The Daily K.O. Contest work?
    Top 100 players with the most Knock-Outs (K.O) will be rewarded with a big amount of Diamonds.
  • How do I get rewards?
    The system sends gifts on a regular basis and based on achievements. The reward is delivered to your account, and in order to claim it, you must click the Claim button in the Popups. Please keep in mind that popups & rewards expire after 12 hours.
  • What are DA {Digital Assets}?
    Luxury assets that can be purchased in the game to make your BlitzVerse look more prestige. The Assets also help you progress the City Clubs roadmap. Digital Asset holders gets a 1% daily interest on their value.
  • What is the DA Store?
    The DA store is a place where you spend your BlitzCoins on your dream digital luxury items, to know what it feels like to be a true, real-life Blitzionaire.
  • Can I have my DA store purchases sent to me?
    No, Digital Assets are Virtual and they are In-Game assets. DA are not considered NFTs and are not transferable.
  • Does what I own influence my net worth on the platform?
    Yes, your net worth includes all your properties and items from the DA store.
  • Can I use real money in the Digital Assets Store?
    Yes, Some digital assets are available with real money.
  • Can I use Diamonds in the Digital Assets Store?
    No, Diamonds are the currency for Diamond NFTs only.
  • What is NFT?
    NFT stands for Non-fungible tokens. NFTs are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other.
  • What is OpenSea?
    OpenSea is a third party peer-to-peer NFT marketplace.
  • How do I get a Blitzionaire unique NFT?
    Win BlitzCoins by playing the game and use them at the NFT store, some NFTs can also be purchased with actual money.
  • Where can i find the NFTs i purchased?
    All purchased NFTs will be in your 'My Metaverse' section in the main menu. The NFTs are also transferred to your private digital wallet if you remembered to fill in your wallet address. You can always send it to your wallet from 'My Metaverse'.
  • Can i buy NFTs?
    Yes, using BlitzCoins or Diamonds. Some NFTs are also available to purchase with real money.
  • How long does it take to receive the NFT?
    NFT deliveries may take up to 4 days. Sending an NFT depends on the transfer speed of a third party and due to the transfer load, there may be slight delays.
  • The NFT has a "out of stock" sign, how can i get this NFT?
    Once the NFT is out of stock it is no longer available to purchase in the game, but you might find it on our Discord channel or marketplace.
  • I don't have a digital wallet, how can i get one?
    Choosing a digital wallet should be your choice. There are different options on the net. The best recommendation is to read online and choose what works best for you.
  • More than 4 days have passed and I still have not received my NFT, what to do?
    Your new NFTs will be located in the Hidden tab of your OpenSea profile (by default) -
  • Where can I see my NFT collection?
    Your collection will be under 'My BlitzVerse' in the game's main menu.
  • I searched the 'Hidden Tab' but couldn't find the NFTs, What to do?
    All NFTs you earn are saved in the app. To locate your NFTs, go to the main menu and select "My BlitzVerse collection." Scroll through your assets until you reach your NFT. Fill in the blanks and click "Send to your wallet."
  • How long is the NFT available for delivery to my wallet?
    Sending earned NFTs from the App is limited to 10 days from the day of winning/purchasing. If the NFT is not claimed within 10 days, it will not be sent to an external wallet, but will only remain in the app. Please make certain that the NFT is delivered on time.
  • What is the Blitzionaire Share & Earn?
    When you share the game with friends and family we reward you once they join us. On each signup completed from your referral link, you will win 25 Diamonds!
  • What do I do if my game crashes?
    You can report any issue to Player Support by sending us an email to along with a description of the issue, your Nickname, and email address.
  • I have other issues or questions, who can help me?
    If you may have any issues with the game, you are welcome to contact 'Player Support' by sending us an email to
  • How can I contact you?
    Send us an email to or DM us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, Discord.
  • I would like to make a withdrawal, how do I do that?
    The game is played with virtual money called BlitzCoins. There is no option to withdraw the BlitzCoins.
  • I logged in to play and my balance is lower then it was, what happened?
    The game continues even when you are not playing. Other players have challenged you and won against you.
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