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The Basics
of Blitzionaire

Blitzionaire is a free NFT game that makes having fun literally pay off, sending over 250,000 NFTs on a monthly basis to players all around the globe.

It's 90 seconds all-or-nothing F2P game to knock out your opponent, will the BTC price rise UP or drop DOWN?

Players can purchase real and unique NFTs, virtual real estate, and Digital Assets with the BlitzCoins or Diamonds they earn; the only investment required is time and effort. Blitzionaire is 100% free.


How to play?

The game starts for new players with 150,000 BlitzCoins absolutely free!

Need more? Use social media to sign up, and get an extra 100,000!

Additionally, you will have 100 Money Spins and 15 power-ups at the start of your journey. Yes, we are that kind. 

The first step is to choose Your New Rival, the opponent you will face during the 90-second session.

The next step is a live 90-second game based on the Bitcoin price:

Which way should I go?

Click UP or DOWN to steal other Bankers' money, knock them out, and claim new crowns!

Remember to use the shield to protect your BlitzCoins from other Bankers' raids.

The Game

Blitzionaire Bankers explained

All players are Bankers!

When you play against another player you are playing against a banker.


  • For You - Bankers who are at your BlitzCoins level

  • Rivals - The list of players you played against or who played against you in the past.

  • Blitz Banks - The list of the top BlitzCoins holders. 

  • Online - The list of online players.

90 seconds prediction game - Up or Down.

SPIN UP If you believe the price of Bitcoin will rise in the next 8 seconds.

SPIN DOWN If you believe the price of Bitcoin will fall in the next 8 seconds.


Make the most of your trades, use the shield if necessary, and buy genuine Blitzionaire NFTs with your BlitzCoins or your Diamonds. All NFTs that you acquire belongs to you alone. On the market, NFTs can also be purchased or sold.


Money spin challenge explained

The Money Spin challenge awards you with extra rewards if you win X trades out of Y trades. When you see the bar turn green, you know you're on the right track!

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City Club is your roadmap, In order to progress between cities, you must accumulate Digital Assets or NFT. With each completion of a city club, you will be rewarded with Money Spins, Blitz Coins, and Diamonds!

Take Over the world’s best Cities

The Digital Assets Store

Crowns are earned by knocking out other bankers, with each stage presenting a new challenge with a variable number of knockouts to achieve.

Each crown rewards you with Money Spins & Diamonds.

Earn prestigious crowns.

The Digital Assets store is where you can spend your BlitzCoins on your favorite digital luxury items and experience what it's like to be a true, real-life Blitzionaire.

There's something for everyone, from gold sneakers to private jets. Everything can be found in the Digital Assets store!

The more assets you collect, the faster you will advance in the Cities Club!

Collecting Digital Assets helps you gain 1% daily interest (up to 10 M each day!)

The Daily Blitz is the game's jackpot! The top 100 players with the highest volume of turnover will be rewarded with daily rewards. The winners will be announced every day at 00:00 PM GMT

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The Power-ups

The Power ‘All-In’. It's the quickest way to double your BlitzCoins balance and defeat your opponent Blitzionaire banker. With only half of your investment at risk.

The power ‘SELL’  will end a winning trade before it expires and keep the entire profit. You can use the Sell button only if you are "in the money" (in winning status).

The Power ‘SAVE’ is used to cancel your trade before it expires, and get your invested BlitzCoins back.

Daily Blitz

The leaderboard is where you can join the daily competitions.
Each day, you can compete in one or the three competitions: Daily Spins, K.O. and The Daily Blitz. Players in first places wins lots of diamonds! The more K.O.s you achieve, the more spins you make, and the more BlitzCoins you win in Daily Blitz, the higher your chances of winning more diamonds!

Leaderboards &
Daily Competitions

Share & Earn

Join the Blitzionaire team and help spread the word! You will receive 25 Diamonds for each signup completed through your referral link! Referral links are automatically generated for all Blitzionaire bankers; simply click the share and earn button to begin earning free money spins!


Show off your Blitzionaire Collection

Every Digital Asset you purchase, every city you conquer or NFT you earn in the game is automatically added to your BlitzVerse collection. Show off your collection of Digital Assets, NFTs, and City Club NFTs by sharing your wealth with the rest of the world!

Want more BlitzCoins? Money Spins? Did you run out of Powerups? At the Blitzionaire Store, you can buy your way to the top. Don't forget to look at the bundles, which are much more valuable

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Play Now:

The Blitzionaire Store

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