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The red shield automatically protects all of your BlitzCoins from other attackers by 25%. Want more? You can choose between 50% protection with the Blue Shield and 75% protection with the Gold Shield! If you are looking for complete protection, look no further you need the Black Shield, which gives you 100% protection! Visit our store and stock up on daily and monthly shields! In addition, the Shield shows the last 25 players who attacked you.
Know whom you are dealing with.

Power Shield

New NFT Collections

We continue to add new NFTs every week to our popular collections: Art, Patch, Comics, and Neo. On top of that, new collections of Icon and Gang NFTs are joining our wonderful NFT family! Do not miss, some NFTs are unique and have only one copy!
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1% Daily Interest

Discover everything there is to know about the City Club! Complete the city challenge in order to be accepted into the exclusive city clubs of Blitzionaire. A special valuable real NFT is rewarded for each club you complete and explore:

  •  Purchase Digital Assets and increase your value to advance in conquering the world's most special cities and destinations.

  • Cities are now rewarding NFTs!

  • Take over the cities to join a 'City Club', you will receive a special and valuable NFT at each destination.

City Club NFTs

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Attack Back  Real-Time Response_2x.png
You can now respond to any attack against you in real-time with ‘Power Save’ and ‘Power Sell’ while also attacking back! 

Attack Back Real-Time Response

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In-game Bonuses_2x.png
You can now collect our gifts and bonuses in your free time! New POP screens with a collect button for all the gifts we've lavished on you.

In-game bonuses

Cash Booster & BlitzUp

Cash Booster & BlitzUp:

  • Cash Booster: A new in-game feature that gives you a chance to multiply your balance by up to X18.

  • BlitzUp: BlitzUp is similar to the popular arcade game. You will be eligible for one trial for every 25 Money Spins used; What will you BlitzUp?