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Multi-Platform Game

Welcome to Blitzionaire

Blitzionaire is a PVP one-of-a-kind, play-to-earn trading NFT game. A free NFT game that makes having fun literally pay off! Sending over 250,000 NFTs on a monthly basis to players all around the globe.

The game features a real-time Bitcoin prediction game between players.

It's an all-or-nothing 90-second game to knock out your opponent.
Players can use their BlitzCoins or Diamonds to purchase real NFTs and other Digital Assets; the only investment required is time and effort. Blitzionaire is completely free.

In a world where digital assets seek to replace reality as we know it, playing online games with friends such as Blitzionaire can truly take you to the next level of fun and fortune.

Play the market with no fear, and compete against your hometown buddies in the hopes of becoming the no.1 Blitzionaire of the Game!

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Blitzionaire Bankers explained

All Blitzionaire players are BANKERS. Your objective is to eliminate by knocking out as many bankers as possible. Your bank is vulnerable to attacks 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you must be ready to respond at any time and from any location! Make sure you approve Blitzionaire notifications; if another Blitzionaire banker attacks your bank, we will notify you!


90 seconds prediction game Up or Down.

You have 90 seconds to complete as many trades as you can against other players.

SPIN UP If you believe the price of Bitcoin will rise in the next 8 seconds.

SPIN DOWN If you believe the price of Bitcoin will fall in the next 8 seconds.

Blitzionaire - Play To Earn NFTs

You can buy real Blitzionaire NFTs with the BlitzCoins and Diamonds you earn. You own all of the NFTs you've collected! Exclusive NFT collections from Blitzionaire are now available on the NFT Store and


Take Over the world’s best Cities

The more you increase your net worth by purchasing Digital Assets, the higher level City Club you will be able to join. Each new city you take over will grant you access to City-Club exclusive NFTs. From New York to Tokyo, Berlin, Dubai, and Sydney, there is something for everyone. There are even more advantages! Yes, you will receive more special rewards as you progress through the city clubs!


Daily Blitz

The Daily Blitz is the game's jackpot! All bankers are automatically enrolled for the chance of winning the grand daily Blitz prize!

Cash Booster

You can boost your balance up to X18 if you choose the right 3 BlitzDog cards. 

The Spinner

Power Spin rewards you with game Powerups or Diamonds. complete the number of Up & Down Trades shown in order to receive the spinner!

Earn prestigious crowns.

Crowns are earned by knocking out other bankers, with each stage presenting a new challenge with a variable number of knockouts to achieve.

Each crown rewards you with Money Spins & Diamonds.


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