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Welcome to Blitzionaire

Blitzionaire is a PVP one-of-a-kind, play-to-earn trading game. A player-vs-player prediction game on real-time Bitcoin rates, users play on real-time markets and earn BlitzCoins on their winnings. It's 60 seconds all-or-nothing game to knock out your opponent.

Players can buy real NFTs and Digital Assets with the BlitzCoins they earn; the only investment required is time and effort. Blitzionaire is 100% free.

Play the market with no fear, and compete against your hometown buddies in the hopes of becoming the no.1 Blitzionaire of the Game!

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Blitzionaire Bankers explained

All of the players in the game are Blitzionaire BANKERS. Your goal is to Knock Out as many bankers as possible. Your bank is vulnerable to attacks 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you must be prepared to respond at any time, from anywhere! Make sure you approve Blitzionaire notifications; we will notify you if another Blitzionaire banker attacks your bank!

60 seconds prediction game Up or Down.

You have 60 seconds to complete as many trades as you can against other players.

SPIN UP if you believe the Bitcoin price will rise in the next seven seconds, or SPIN DOWN if you believe the Bitcoin price will fall in the next seven seconds.

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Blitzionaire - Play To Earn NFTs

With the BlitzCoins you earn, you can purchase real Blitzionaire NFTs. You are the owner of all your collected NFTs! Blitzionaire's exclusive NFT collections are now available on the NFT Store and as well.


Take Over the world’s best Cities

The more you increase your net worth by purchasing Digital Assets, the higher level City Club you will be able to join. Each new city you take over will grant you access to City-Club exclusive NFTs. From New York to Tokyo, Berlin, Dubai, and Sydney, there is something for everyone. There are even more advantages! Yes, you will receive more special rewards as you progress through the city clubs!

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Daily Blitz

The Daily Blitz is the game's jackpot! All bankers are automatically enrolled for the chance of winning the grand daily Blitz prize!

The Vault

Blitzionaire bankers are rewarded when they achieve their daily trading goals.

The Spinner

Spin the wheel for the chance of winning extra money spins, powerups and all in trades.

Earn prestigious crowns.

The Crown collection will show you how far you've progressed in the game. The more players you Knock Out, the more Crowns and more prestigious Crowns you will receive.

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